Santa Catarina
Official national language Pomeranian Low German
Co-official languages Italian, Portuguese, Venetian, (Slavic) Pomeranian, Ukrainian
Capital Florianopolis
Largest Cities Joinville
Population 1,217,000
HDI 0.912 (Very High)
Nation Formed 1917
Currency Santa Catarina Mark (SCM)
Our Timeline Equivalent Santa Catarina state, Brazil

Santa Catarina is located in southeastern Pacha. Its climate is temperate. Originally inhabited by various Pachan Aboriginal groups, it came under Spanish, and then Portuguese colonialism. Over time, Low Germans migrated in droves to the Portuguese colony, quickly becoming the largest ethnic group. When Brazil became an independent nation, Santa Catarina was part of it.

SCT Blumenauu (VegWorld)

Blumenau, Santa Catarina.

However, during Brazil's years of dictatorship, when the government mandated that minorities assimilate or face persecution - and when Germans in particular were seen as the enemies - the non-Portuguese majority (as well as a portion of Portuguese Brazilians) protested. Many protesters were thrown into prison. Eventually, the Brazilian dictatorship fell and Santa Catarina was granted independence. It became the only nation in the world where Low German speakers are the majority. However, part of its deal for independence included language in the constitution which made all minority languages with over 1,000 speakers (at that time) co-official and able to be taught in schools to those ethnic groups.



54% Vegetarian
46% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

62% German (mostly Low German)
20% Italian (mostly from Veneto and other northern Italian nations)
07% Portuguese
04% Polish
03% Ukrainian
02% Pachan Aboriginals
02% others


64% Pommersch Platt (Low German Pomeranian)
16% Italian languages (mostly from Veneto and other northern Italian nations)
07% Portuguese
03% Slavic Pomeranian
02% Ukrainian
02% Aboriginal languages (Tupi, Guarani, etc)
02% others (Japanese, other Europeans, etc)


62% Christian
30% Protestant
27% Catholic
23% nonreligious
14% atheist
09% agnostic
11% Cathar
04% other

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