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Sankt Veit am Flaum
Saint Veit am Flaum
Pflaum skyline
Pflaum Kleines Stadtwappen
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Country Germany
State Carniola
Regierungsbezirk South Carniola
District {{#switch:Stadt Stadt Kreisfreie Stadt=Urban district #default = Urban district
City subdivisions 25 boroughs
Lord Mayor Christine Sörgen (FDP)
Governing parties FDP / SDP / CDU
Basic statistics
Area 44 km² (17 sq mi)
Elevation 519 m  (1703 ft)
Population  270,000  (31 December 2007)[1]
 - Density 6,136 /km² (15,893 /sq mi)
 - Urban 144,043
 - Metro 270,000 
Founded 1723
Other information
Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Licence plate M
Postal code 51000
Area code 089

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Saint Veit am Flaum (Croatian: Reka or Rika, Italian: Fiume), commonly known as Pflaum, is the principal seaport of Carniola, and southern Germany, located on Kvarner Bay, an inlet of the Adriatic Sea. It has 144,043 inhabitants (270,000 for greater area in 2001) and is Carniola's second largest city. The majority of its citizens, 80.39% (2001 census), are Germans, with the remainder being ethnic Croatians. The city's Croatian and Italian names both mean river.

Flaum is the center of Neu-Friedrich Kreis in Carniola. The city's economy largely depends on sea transport, shipbuilding (shipyards "3. Mai" and "Bismarck") and tourism.

Flaum hosts the German National Theater "Bach Theater", first built in 1765 as "Ivan pl. Zajc", as well as the University of Pflaum, founded in 1973 but with roots dating back to 1632. The local football clubs are Fußball Pflaum and Fußball Süden.

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