Sancha Maria of Spain
Queen Consort of Bosnia
Spouse Thomas I of Bosnia m. 1613
Issue Stephen I

Maria of Bosnia
Catherine of Bosnia
Thomas of Bosnia

House House of Hapsburg (by birth)

House of Knežević (by marriage)

Father Philip III of Spain
Mother Suzanne Beatrice of England
Born 4 March 1596
Madrid, Spain
Died 1 November 1626 (aged 30)
Religion Roman Catholicism

Sancha Maria (4 March 1596 - 1 November 1626) was the eldest daughter of Suzanne Beatrice of England and Philip III of Spain. After the defeat of the Ottomans were pushed out of Europe, she was betrothed to the newly crowned King of Bosnia. Though her mother was a convinced Protestant all of her life, Sancha Maria was raised a Catholic and never took interest in her mother's religion. She often referred to her younger sister, Ursula Anna, as "mi hermanita, la hereja pobre. (My little sister, the poor heretic) because her sister begged to marry a Protestant German prince and converted to Lutheranism.

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