Most Serene Republic of San Marino
Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino
Timeline: Great Empires

OTL equivalent: San Marino
Flag of San Marino Coat of arms of San Marino
Flag Coat of Arms

Libertas (Italian)

Anthem "Inno Nazionale della Repubblica"
Capital and largest city San Marino
Language Italian
Religion Christianity
Ethnic Group Italians
Demonym Sammarinese
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
Captains Regent Gian Carlo Capicchioni
Anna Maria Muccioli
61,2 km²
  water (%) 0
Population 32,576 
Established 301 AD
Currency Euro
Time Zone UTC+1
  summer UTC+2
Calling Code +378
Internet TLD .sm
Organizations United Nations
 San Marino is a microstate in Europe, completely surrounded by Italy.

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