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San Diablo (officially known as Santa Monica) is a survivor state located in the former state of California. The capital city is Santa Monica, but the state covers part of former Los Angeles County. Despite the city of Los Angeles being destroyed by nuclear weapons, San Diablo is clean.


Santa Monica was a city located at the coast of California. A Planet Hollywood was being built and the city was growing fast. Los Angeles County was a rather large county, which contained places like Long Beach, Los Angeles, and other cities.


Santa Monica, Long Beach, and several other cities were not hit during doomsday. Los Angeles and Lancaster suffered direct hits. The blasts from the bombs could be seen from Santa Monica.


Santa Monica was on its own. The people in beach areas tended to be tourists and did not work well together at first. Downtown, people co-operated. Former business buildings became small countries. Some prime examples include Planet Hollywood, Pierland, Cinemania, and Activistion. There wasn't really any infighting. In 1986, much of Santa Monica formed together. The militaries of Santa Monica were very strong.

In 1988, the city expanded to include much of the area outside of the city. In 1992, Long Beach was discovered. It was a city state, but it did not want to join Santa Monica. The Santa Monica military invaded Long Beach with such ferocity that Long Beach surrendered five hours after being invaded. The former Long Beach government complimented Santa Monica for its strength, dubbing the nation San Diablo (San Diablo is Spanish for Saint Devil. The Saint part was dubbed due to Santa Monica's very reasonable negotiations after the war. Diablo was dubbed due to the ferocity of Santa Monica's military.

In 1994, the country was divided into states, due to its increasing size. Later that year, the nation fell into a terrible debt. This lasted until 1995, when John Bennett assumed office of the President and led the nation in the right direction. In fact, by the end of his term, the nation had a huge surplus.

In 2005, San Diablo and the Tribes of San Bernardo went to war.


  • Santa Monica
  • Long Beach
  • Santa Clarita
  • Ventura
  • Riverdale
  • Bernardino
  • Catalina
  • Palmdale


  • Los Angeles (Surrounding area and ruins forbidden to enter or settle)
  • Lancaster
  • Some San Bernardo Territory

Foreign Relations

San Diablo is at war with San Bernardo. It trades with the Chumash Republic. It avoids Ventura at all costs and hostilities have risen over the past few years. San Diablo is requesting League of Nations membership.


  • Activision has remained open and has provided entertainment for the nation.
  • Beaches attract tourists.
  • Constitutional Republic
  • There is a shipwrecked cruise ship on Catalina which has been renovated into a hotel. Catalina is the only state in which gambling and prostitution is legal. It is comparable to Las Vegas.

508px-California county map (labeled).svg

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