The San Antonio Stallions are a professional American football franchise based in San Antonio, Texas. Currently, the team plays in the South Division of the AFL. The team has not won any AFL championships as of 2011 and has not contended for an AFL title since the 1998 season.

The Stallions franchise was started in 1960 and played at Alamo Memorial Stadium until 1987, when the new Alamodome was constructed in downtown San Antonio. The Stallions are regarded as the successor franchise to the now-defunct San Antonio Rebels, who were part of the old Southwest Football League that was disbanded when the SWFL merged with the Midwest Football League to form the AFL in 1958.

Although the Stallions were one of the premier teams in the league in the 1990's, winning the South Division three times and competing in the South Division playoffs in six of seven seasons, the team has not qualified for the playoffs since 1998 and has not had a winning season since 2000. Due to various ownership and stadium troubles, the Stallions have been sold and resold four times since 2001, most recently in late 2009 when the Bush brothers purchased the team at a discount price. The team President and CEO, George W. Bush, announced in the winter of 2011 that the team was hiring a new general manager as well as building a new stadium in a San Antonio suburb, all while finalizing a massive contract for new head coach Bobby McGrady.

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