Samuel Huntington

Samuel Huntington - Charles Willson Peale
Portrait of Samuel Huntington

1st President of the United States in Congress Assembled
March 1, 1781 - July 6, 1781

Predecessor Office instituted
Successor Thomas McKean

7th President of the Continental Congress
September 28, 1779 - March 1, 1781

Predecessor John Jay
Successor Office abolished

3rd Governor of Connecticut
May 11, 1786 - January 5, 1796

Predecessor Matthew Griswold
Successor Oliver Wolcott
Born July 16, 1731
Windham, Connecticut
Died January 5, 1796
Norwich, Connecticut
Political Party None

Samuel Huntington (July 16, 1731 – January 5, 1796) 1st President of the United States in Congress Assembled was a jurist, statesman, and Patriot in the American Revolution from Connecticut. As a delegate to the Continental Congress, he signed the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation. He also served as President of the Continental Congress from 1779 to 1781, chief justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court from 1784 to 1785, and the 3rd Governor of Connecticut from 1786 until his death.