Samlain Sihamoni
Also known as The Master
Samlain Sihamoni
Born 11 December 1902
Phnom Penh, French Indochina
Title Master
Predecessor none
Successor none yet
Occuptation(s) Meditationist, Leader
Religion Buddhism
Samlain Sihamoni is the first leader and establisher of the Fighters of Buddha. Master Sihamoni has been working for Angkor Wat and Buddha for 49 years. When he heard the news of nuclear war, he immediately established a survivor group with the friends he trusted the most. With most of the people in and around Angkor Wat joining them, master had ~100 people behind him.

Early Days of Life

Samlain was born in Phnom Penh in a poor family with three brothers and a sister. When his brothers died of diseases, his mother and father decided to send him and his sister to Angkor Wat in the age of 12 (his sister was 14).


Samlain's first master was Vithara Som, who Samlain still talks about with respect. "My dear master and my lord Buddha are only reasons I can look positive to life, away from pain." he says.

Being an ordinary student for 8 years, Samlain became the apprentice of Master Vithara in the age of 20. Samlain says "It was the most honorful time of my life..." about the time he was an apprentice. During his time as an apprentice, Samlain started to take private lessons.

The Bright Kid

In one of these private lessons, Master Vithara noticed that Samlain could learn twice as faster than any student. He thought that Samlain was special. But before he could find out what other things Samlain can do well, Master Vithara died because of a heart attack in the exact day of 23 March, 1923.

Death of his master was quite a shock for Samlain but, however, Grand Master Chantou Chea, the Grand Master of Angkor Wat decided to take Samlain as his steward.

Grand Master Chantou gave very special lessons to Samlain. During those lessons, Samlain mastered a lot of martial arts and meditating.

The Vice Grand Master

In the exact day of 19 June 1929, Grand Master Chantou said Samlain that he was too old to be a steward and he was now the Vice-Grand Master of Angkor Wat. Samlain (who was 27 that day) was both surprised and scared. He managed to do his job as Vice Grand Master for 11 years, until Grand Master Chantou died of heart attack in the exact day of 31 October, 1940. (Samlain was 38 that day).

Then Samlain learnt that he was the Grand Master now, because Grand Master Chantou asked for it.

During his days of Vice Grand Mastering, he tried and made Angkor Wat a better place. Now he had the opportunity to do more.

The Grand Master

Samlain was The Grand Master of Angkor Wat for 23 years, until the nuclear war came out. He's the Master of both Angkor Wat and the Fighters of Buddha ever since.

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