Samuel Otis "Sam" Scott (born September 9, 1942) is a retired American Nationalist politician from Texas, best known as the three-term Governor of Texas from 1987-1999 and as a 1996 Presidential candidate, where he was the potential running mate for runner-up Mitt Romney at the Nationalist Party Convention in Mesa. Prior to the Governorship, Scott was a rural lawyer, an intern in the Clyde Dawley administration and a state Senator. Scott was known for his eccentric personality, his often religiously-tinged rhetoric as Governor and was nicknamed "the Magic Mullet" due to his distinctive haircut. Scott considered entering the race in 2004, even keeping a jet ready on a tarmac near his home in Sutton, but decided against it. Scott currently works as a lobbyist and consultant for the real estate industry in Dallas and is an avid Nationalist fundraiser and political kingmaker in his home state.

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