Salvatore Rossetti
Rossetti shortly after his promotion to Captain
Born January 17, 1830
Caorle, Venetia, Austrian Empire
Occupation Naval Officer
Years active 1849 - present
Employer Danubian Federation
Title Captain of the ironclad President
Political party Danubian Patriotic Union
Religion Roman Catholic

Salvatore Rossetti is an Italian-born naval officer with conservative political leanings in the Interactive AAR, A Federation of Equals.


Early years

Rossetti was born in a comfortable middle-class family in the Austrian province of Venetia in 1830. Inspired by the military exploits of his father, Pietro (who served consistently as an infantry officer in the Imperial Army during the later stages of the Napoleonic Wars), Salvatore attended the Army Academy in Vienna upon the formation of the Danubian Federation. However, army life did not interest him - though he showed high marks and had consistently scored higher than his classmates in scenarios involving tactical command. His hometown of Caorle and his new home in Trieste had instead inspired him to switch services, joining the Navy at the age of 19 (1849).

He slowly rose through the ranks of the growing Danubian Navy until he was promoted to captain the new ironclad President in 1864. When war broke out the following year, his ship was one of the many that took part in the massive battle in late June of that year against the Royal Navy's Mediterranean Squadron. His ironclad successfully sank the British steam frigate HMS Royal (the only ship sunk during the battle), earning him some esteem throughout the fleet. His crew and all subordinate men adored him for his unwillingness to quit, his tactical ingenuity, and his generally friendly demeanor.

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