Republic of Salton
— Associated State of Northern California
Timeline: Night of the Living Alternate History (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Baja California Norte
Salton flag NotLAH Coat of arms of Baja California
National Flag Coat of Arms
NotLAH USwest 2000
Location of Salton in dark olive green
(and largest city)
Cathedral City (1982-1997)

Tijuana (1997-Present)

President José Guadalupe Osuna Millán
General Commissioner Bill Lockyer
Population 17,000 
Admission January 1991


A small union of several survivor communities and trade posts leads to the creation of the nation of Salton. The nation’s borders are established to encompass the Colorado Desert, Chocolate Mountain Naval Reservation, Joshua Tree National Park, Borrego Springs, and meets the Mexican border. In 1983, Guillermo Batista, the mayor of Catherdral City, became president. The previously independent town of Slab City is incorporated into Salton. The town becomes one of the fastest growing settlements in southern California. Salton also annexes much of the Imperial Valley, fortifying the south from the city of Mexicali.  In 1987, A Mexican warlord known as Abelino Gutierrez begins to gather a small following in Mexicali. He begins to consolidate control of the city, causing crime and refugees to flow into Salton and the surrounding region. The Salton government in Cathedral City declares him an outlaw, launching police raids on known Gutierrez supporters. One of Gutierrez’s main officers is spotted in Slab City, causing a massive shootout in the streets. Many citizens of the Imperial Valley begin to side with Gutierrez after the brutal crackdown. In 1988 Northern California invited Salton to join a federation with the Bay Republic, which was only half- successful because the said nation refused to do so.The government of Salton fears that they may fall into civil war. The eastern section of the nation, the Imperial Valley, and Slab City all have fallen under the sway of Abelino Gutierrez. Armed forces are deployed near the Mexican border, accounting for dozens of deaths. Perceived rebels are executed, although many believe that the military actions are racist. However the prize of Los Angeles still remains to be taken. Salton, hoping to improve its forces in case of a civil war, enters San Diego. The city is divided between those from Tijuana, and the northern inhabitants. The border of Salton is expanded so that the southern border is the same as the Mexican-Californian border, while the west border is pushed to Route 15. The army of Salton expands from its outpost in Oceanside, taking Pendleton Marine Corps Base. After years of influencing the local San Diego factions, Salton finally amasses the manpower and weaponry to unite the city. The conquest is seen as a triumphant victory for the Salton population, despite the fact that the city still remains in ruin. The Imperial Valley, bloodied with violence between the supporters of Abelino Gutierrez in Mexicali and the Salton police, becomes the founding location of the Social Liberal Party, comprised primarily of those opposed to the current government. With the recent expansion of Salton completed, their northern border now rests south of San Bernardino, running horizontally from the coast to Joshua Tree National Park. The center of the city, between the Salton garrison and the Northern Californian settlement, remains heavily infected and divided. Although a minority of Salton citizens advocate for union with Northern California, the government is mixed. After a surprising vote among the senate, Salton agrees to be joined with Northern California within the next year (1991). Soon, he Salton military meets the rebel forces at the battle of Slab City. What was anticipated to be a quick victory soon turns into a long battle after it is discovered that hundreds of guns and supplies had secretly been stashed inside the town by Abelino Gutierrez’s followers. By spring of 1991, It is believed that the Salton rebels have withdrawn from Slab City into the heavily fortified city of Mexicali. Salton armed forces are amassed in the south awaiting orders from Northern California. North Californian MiG-29's launch air strikes on Mexicali, and 500,000 North Californian and Salton soldiers begin surrounding the city. With no Black Hoods to aid them, there was no bait to easily distract the rebels. By summer, After much fighting between the Salton rebels and the forces of Northern California, Mexicali is largely reduced to rubble. Guerrilla fighters still roam the streets, trying to dislodge as many Northern Californian soldiers as possible, although the bulk of the once well equipped army of Abelino Gutierrez has fled to Yuma, or into the Republic of Baja. After the Northern Californian victory at Mexicali the Salton rebellion collapses. The remnants of the rebel army are believed to have fled to Yuma or Baja, settling down as normal citizens. The Salton Civil War is declared over. In 1997, Salton lost its territory north of the OTL border with California, transferring its capital to Tijuana. In 2001, President Guillermo Batista, who ruled Salton for 19 years since its beginning, dies at a ripe old age of 84. As a result elections are held across the country. José Guadalupe Osuna Millán, the former mayor of Tijuana, was elected to replace Batista as president. General Commisioner to Salton William Creighton resigns the post, appointing Bill Lockyer to replace him.

List of Presidents

No. Name Portrait Birth-Death Term Previous Office Party Remarks
1 Guillermo Batista Harry F Byrd Portrait 1917-2001 1982-2001 N/A



National Party


First elected leader of Salton who got the nation on its feet

2 José Guadalupe Osuna Millán GobernadorOsunaMillan 1955- 2001- Present Mayor of Tijuana Social Liberal Party

List of General Commisioners

  • William Creighton (1991-2001)
  • Bill Lockyer (2001- Present)
Flag of Congo Free State

Flag of Salton (1982-1991)

Roundel of Salton

Roundel of the Salton Air Force (now the Salton division of the Californian Air Force)

State flag of Salton

State Flag

Standard of the President of Salton

The President's flag


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