Crown Colony of Salle-Des-Bois
Timeline: Mundus Aquilae
OTL equivalent: Maine
Salle-Des-Bois flag proposal.png
New England area in 1564 MA WIP.svg
Map of Burgundian possessions in the
Americas (purple), circa 1564 (WIP).
CapitalAdministered from Dijon, Burgundy
Largest city Île-Sainte-Adélaïde
Official languages Latin
Regional Languages French, Dutch, various indigenous languages
Ethnic groups  French, Dutch, various Indigenous ethnicities
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 -  Duke Phillip IV

The Crown Colony of Salle-Des-Bois, more commenly known as Salle-Des-Bois or even just as Des-Bois, is a colony under the crown of Burgundy located on the coast of Nordostenland, specifically around OTL Maine. It was founded by Burgundian settlers in early 1518,  trading with the native Algonquian people. A charter for the colony was officially granted in late 1520.