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The Saladinian Empire


Friction between Syria and Egypt begins over how they will share the land left by Saladin.

  • Al-Aziz Uthman believed he did not have enough land with Egypt and he joined with his brothers Al-Zahir and Turan Shah.
  • This made Al-Afdal ibn Salah ad-Din join with his brothers Al-Adil and Az-Zahir Ghazi.
    Control Map 1193

    Red is Al-Afdal's control. Green is Al-Aziz's control.

  • This meant that Syria, Palestine, Jordan and Saudi Arabia were at war with Egypt, Yemen and Lebanon.
  • Yemen's troops marched north to the fishing town of Jazan and waged war with Arabia.
  • The Battle Of Jazan lasted for 15 days and ended with Arabia ousting Yemen control from the area.
  • Al-Afdal waged war with Al-Aziz and marched on Egypt.
  • Lebanon attacked Jordan and was easily repelled.


  • Al-Afdal allied himself with the people of Jerusalem and Cyprus and captured the city of Al-Jizah.
  • Al-Aziz moved his forces from Cairo and met with Yemen's armies. His army totaled 10,000 swordsmen, 750 cavalrymen and 500 archers.
  • Al-Afdal increased his army to 7500 swordsmen, 900 cavalrymen and 1350 archers.
  • The two armies met at Alexandria and a battle ensued.
  • Al-Aziz's second in command died of smallpox and was replaced by his brother Al-Zahir.
  • Al-Zahir led the charge and eradicated Al-Afdal's front line.
  • Al-Afdal's archers killed 2000 swordsmen but were eventually captured and executed.
  • Afdal's troops retreated back to Al-Jizah.
  • Cyprian troops sailed to Al-Jizah to help Afdal.


  • Afdal & Amalric Of Lusignian march on Alexandria and besiege it.
  • Aziz attempts to ambush them but they are expected.
  • The Second Battle Of Alexandria is won in two hours by Afdal.
  • Aziz is severely injured and returns to Cairo.
  • In Yemen, Turan Shah plans an attack on Oman.
  • A still injured Aziz flees to Yemen.
  • Oman is not prepared for invasion and falls in five months


  • Aziz marches on Arabia while his Egyptian armies attack from the west.
    Control Mao 1197

    Red is Afdal control, Green is Aziz control.

  • Aziz captures Jeddah while all Arabia's armies fall back to protect Mecca and Medina.
  • Afdal attacks Jeddah but Aziz repels his armies. Afdal's ally, Az-Ghazi is taken prisoner and executed.


  • Aziz heads back to Egypt and recaptures Al-Jizah.
  • Aziz's army meets with Afdal's and the Battle Of Kafr Ikhsha begins.
  • After 3 months of on-off conflict, Aziz is pushed south.
  • Yemen's armies besiege Mecca and bombard it with cannon fire.
  • After 5 months, rioting and looting force Mecca to admit defeat.


  • Aziz reaches Alexandria and is defeated easily as his armies were exhausted.
  • Turan Shah marches to Medina and is met by a large Cypriot army.
  • The battle of Medina lasts six days until Shah fires cannons at the walls and kills 200 people. Medina surrenders.
  • Turan Shah crowns himself King Of Arabia.


  • Turan Shah breaks his alliance with Aziz.
  • Aziz builds a new city, Kafr El-Dawar, to launch an attack on Alexandria.
  • Afdal attack Kafr El-Dawar, Aziz is injured but escapes. Afdal is shot in the throat and abdomen and dies a day after the attack.
  • Turan Shah invade Jordan.


  • Turan Shah's army reach Karak.
  • Shah's army infiltrates Karak and kills all first-born boys.
  • Aziz takes back Alexandria and wages war with Shah.
  • An assassin sent by Shah kills Aziz.
  • Shah claims all Egypt and Jordan as his own.
  • Al-Adil assassinates Turan Shah to avenge the deaths of his family.

Control Map 1201

Red shows Adil control.


  • Al Adil claims his brothers, Saladin's lands.
  • Adil invades what is modern day Iraq and reaches Mosul.
  • He meets the Abbasid soldiers and enters into battle with them.
  • He defeats them and returns to Mosul.


  • Adil returns to Jerusalem to beat back a rebel army
  • Adil announces an alliance with the Byzantine Empire and rides to Constantinople to meet the Crusaders.
  • Adil meets with Alexios III at the Bosphorus to fight the Crusaders.
  • The armies met with heavy losses on both sides.
  • The crusaders now have 9260 men while Adil and Alexios have 13,570.
  • The armies meet again and Adil's forces are forced to retreat, but Alexios sends the Crusaders back.
  • Adil returns to Mosul to repel the Abbasid forces.


  • Adil beats the Abbasid in the Battle Of Mosul.
  • Adil conquers Kirkuk and burns the city to the ground.
  • Baghdad is besieged by Adil and Constantinople is besieged by Crusaders.
  • Adil sends half his army to Constantinople and continues to besiege Baghdad.
  • Constantinople is taken and Alexios IV named new Byzantine Emperor.


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