Republic of Saladin
جمهورية صلاح الدين
Timeline: Millennia

OTL equivalent: Saladin Province, Iraq
Flag of Iraq (1963-1991); Flag of Syria (1963-1972) COA of Iraq (1965)
Flag Coat of Arms
Salah Al-Din map
Location of Saladin within Pre-Y2K Iraq

سترتفع الجمهورية (Arabic)
("The Republic Will Rise")

Anthem "Oh My Weapon"
Tikrit Tikrit
Largest city Samarra
Other cities Baiji
Language Arabic
None (Secular)
  others Islam
Ethnic Groups
  others Kurds, Assyrians
Demonym Saladin
Government Dominant Party Presidential Republic
President Abu Mazin
Area 24,751 km
Population 1,408,200 
Independence from Iraq
Currency Dinar
Time Zone GMT +3

Saladin, officially the Republic of Saladin, is a country in Western Asia encompassing the former Saladin Province of Iraq. Iraq borders Kurdistan to the north, Iraq to the south and the west, and Diyala to the east. The capital city, Tikrit, is in the center of the country. Saladin originally was a province within the Republic of Iraq. Although the Ba'ath Party favored Saladin autonomy, it was never implemented. After Saddam Hussein's assassination, the province was forced to declare independence to preserve interal order. Saladin has a close political and military alliance with neighboring Diyala, which has a similar system of government.

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