Salaam 1973 (Salaam being the Arabic word for peace) is a timeline which explores the possibility of the Yom Kippur War (also called the October War) being averted.


In 1971, Anwar Sadat, President of Egypt, offered a peace settlement to Israel. It offered recognition of Israel in exchange for the Israeli's withdrawal from the Sinai, the end to occupation of all Palestinian territories, and the return of the Golan Heights to Syria.

While OTL, Israel refused this offer, TTL this offer prompted further negotiation. Israel considered itself to be undefeatable on the battlefield, but due to sanctions it was entirely dependant on the United States of America for arms shipments. After receiving warnings from the Soviet Union that it was unable to use its influence to prevent a war against Israel, the United States informed Israel that unless it agreed to follow the stipulations of UN Security Council Resolution 242 and return captured territories to their previous owners it would withdraw military support. Israel, thus motivated, asked Egypt for further negotiation. This culminated in the Sharm el-Sheikh Accords.

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