Sakura Yangcheng
Timeline: Celestial Ascendance

Sakura Yangcheng
Photo taken of Yangcheng in 1802

1st President of the United Republic of Tiangong
1802 – 1818

Predecessor: Office established
Vice-President: Shang Shijiazhuang

Governor of Zhongyang
1797 – 1802

Predecessor: Peng Jinrei
Successor: Position abolished
Born: 7 March 1762
Tiangong, Zhongyang Province, China
Died: 9 December 1847
Republic City, United Republic of Tiangong
Spouse: Haoran Yangcheng
Political party: None
Religion: None (formerly Buddhism)
Sakura Yangcheng was a Chinese and United Republican politician who served as the first President of the United Republic of Tiangong. Yangcheng led the rebellion against hundreds of years of Chinese rule and achieved the complete independence of her nation within six years.

Frequently considered to be one of the greatest politicians in world history, not only did Yangcheng achieve the independence of her nation, her revolution inspired several other peoples across the world to rebel against their oppressive regimes. In 1816, Yangcheng drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, along with several other world leaders, which is now recognized in every nation.