The Governorate of Sakhalin
Sakhalins Gouvernørat
Timeline: Medwedian World
ModernSakhalinFlag.png Sakhalin modern.png
Coat of arms
Oh, du Land den grynen Valden
Medwedia SakhalinHighlight.png
Sakhalin Governorate highlighted in Red.
Largest city Syd-Sakhalinsby
Official languages Medwedian
Regional Languages Ainu, Russian, Japanese
Ethnic groups  Medwedians, Russians, Ainu
Demonym Sakhalinian
Government Parliamentary Republic
 -  Governor Thor-Egon Gudsby
 -  Deputy Governor Frederik Valdenstein
 -  Prime Minister Løndvig Kjølsen
Legislature Gouvernørs-Buero (Governor's Office)
 -  Upper house Landesrad (Regional Council)
 -  Lower house Landestiget (Regional Parliament)
 -  Annexed by the Medwedian Democratic Federation 1st January of 1849 
 -  Governorate Proclaimed 1st January of 1850 
The Sakhalin Governorate (Medwedian: Sakhalins Gouvernørat) is a province of Medwedia founded in 1850 on top of the Sakhalin Confederation. It consists of the Sakhalin Island and its neighbour islands in the Okhotsk sea.

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