Chiefdom of Sakalava
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Western Madagascar
Flag of Sakalava
Flag of Sakalava
Capital Morondava
Largest city Menabe
Malagasy, Arabic
  others Swahili
Paganistic Islam
  others Paganism
Ethnic Groups
  others Mahafaly, Bara
Demonym Sakalavan
Chief of the Sakalava Andry
  Royal house: Ralofoaro
Established 1435
Annexation to the Empire of Madagasikara
  date 1482
The Chiefdom of Sakalava, or more commonly known as Sakalava, was a Malagasy nation located along the majority of OTL Madagascar's western coast. The Sakalava Chiefdom was rooted deeply in the Sakalava culture and was last ruled currently ruled by the Chief of all Sakalava and Sanafah, Andry Ralofoaro, who was also the Chief of the Sanafahi Emirate.

In 1482, Andry Ralofoaro integrated Sakalava and Sanafah into the Empire of Madagasikara, which would go on to include Betsileo and Toamisina, covering the entirety of the island of Madagascar.


Early History

The Chiefdom of Sakalava emerged in 1435, as with all other Malagasy states, in response to the expansion of the Mamluk Sultanate on the Malagasy island. The Chiefdom was relatively decentralized but was one of the most powerful chiefdoms in this period.

Union with Sanafah

In the Sanafahi Civil War, many Sakalavan citizens of Sanafah wanted have Sanafah and Sakalava enter into a tribal confederation based upon common ethnic ties and pushed the Sakalavan heir forward as an alternative to the Cairo-backed Emir. Tiavina Ralofoaro was quick to seize the chance and was made Chief of Sanafah in addition to Chief of Sakalava.

Annexation and the Madagasikaran Civil War

Following the arrival of Christians and Spaniards to Madagascar in 1471, Sakalava and the Sakalavan people began to convert to Christianity and use the Latinized Malagasy tongue developed by Spanish priest Julio Marciana Gabriel. This drew the two Sakalavan states closer together, and integration of the two nations was a primary goal of Andry Ralofoaro who was crowned Chief following the death of his father, Tiavina.


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