During the Last Supper, Jesus says one of them would betray him but unlike OTL he also adds onto his words saying that the same man would repent his sins out of sorrow and regret and then once again praise the one he had sold away to his enemies. The man referenced from this, Judas Iscariot, would indeed feel this way and the priests refusing to release the man in return for the money would add on to this, but he soon repented his sins every night and day through prayer. Despite all that he had done, Judas was renewed of all sins and in turn he would turn a new leaf and spread the word of God. It's hard to see a prophet of Jesus who had sold that very man to death but it becomes possible with a Saint Judas.

The Death of Christ and New Leaf of Judas Iscariot

In 33B.C., Jesus is crucified at Golgatha, almost all disciples had already gone into hiding, many that believed he was the son of God show their true faces as sinners, but one of the disciples in particular continues to weep during his stay at the house of Rabbi's mother. He had watched as Jesus died on the cross and he saw the enduring pain and just continued to weep with tears. The last words Jesus had said to him where "Repent Judas, repent..." he heard that after God had fallen a third time. The man spent three days praying for forgiveness of his sins, day and night he did so eating very little food and drinking almost no water at all. Mary (mother) and the rest of the household grew worried of Judas' consistent isolation from anything that attempted to disturb him from prayer. Eventually Judas was confronted by Mary who asked if he would eat upstairs for at least a minute, but he quickly replied in a stricken voice "Leave me!!!! I am not worthy to have my presence in the home of Christ's mother!!! I can never end my prayer until my Lord relieves me of my sin..." and with that she left. On the day God resurrected up from the dead, Judas received a message "Judas, Judas you have repented and you are again blessed from all sin that you have committed, but you must spread the word of God for the son was delivered by you". Immediately after hearing this, Judas left his room and praised the Lord for his mercy on him but one thing that did come to mind was that he would have to confront the other disciples to try to establish his trust among them once more.

The Forgiveness and Resurrection of God

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