State of Saigyo
Timeline: Venusian Haven

OTL equivalent: Phoebe Regio (Venus).
Japanese Venus flag by Hellerick 3 Japanese Venus CoA (Proposal)
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Saigyo (Venusian Haven)
Location of Saigyo
Capital Toyotomi
Largest city Kitakoshi
Other cities Mimasaka, Seongnam
  others Chinese, English, Korean
Buddhism and Shinto
  others Christianity
Demonym Saigyonese
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
  legislature National Diet
Emperor Akihito
Area 2,800,000 km²
Independence from Japan
  declared 2000s
  recognized 2000s
Currency Yen (¥) (SIY)
Internet TLD .si
Organizations UN, UNVC, VF

The State of Saigyo (Japanese: 西行国, Saigyō-koku), colloquially known as Saigyo (西行, Saigyō), is a sovereign state located in eastern Aphrodite Terra on planet Venus. Beginning as a series of Japanese settlements, the region gained independence in the 2000s. Unique among the Venusian nations, Saigyo is a constitutional monarchy under the Japanese realm.

Prior to the construction of Japanese settlements, the region was explored in depth by the Soviet Union as part of the unmanned Venera Program of the 1970s and '80s. Many milestones set on Venus would happen within Saigyo, including the first impact on another planet, the first soft landing, the first to transmit data from the surface, and the first confirmation of life outside Earth. The Soviet Union originally held claims to all of Aphrodite Terra (including Saigyo), but relinquished these claims following their ratification of the Venus Treaty.

The climate of Saigyo is predominantly humid and tropical, with much of the north being scattered with deserts. The Japanese people make up the majority of Saigyo's population, with sizable minorities of Brazilians, Chinese, Filipinos, and Koreans. Most of the population is centered along the coast of Dzerassa Planitia in the western portions of the nation.


The name Saigyo was coined in the early 2000s by the early Japanese explorers of the region, who named the area after Heian poet Saigyō. Many noted the poet's love for exploration and nature as being a symbol for Japan's efforts to colonize Venus.


The State of Saigyo is a unitary state currently comprised of nine prefectures (Japanese: 県, ken). The national capital of Toyotomi also acts as the capital for the Meiji Prefecture.



JR Shinkansen 700

A Japanese-made N700 Series Shinkansen high-speed train operating in Toyotomi.

High-speed rail lines have become a major means of transportation within Saigyo, being expanded upon following their independence. The rail systems are dominated by the Venus Railway Company (commonly referred to as JR Venus), which is a subdivision of the Japan Railways Group. The most common train models currently in use include the Shinkansen 700, the Shinkansen E5 S11, the Shinkansen Komachi, the 485-3000 series, and the Super Kamui train.

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