This page is the text for the Sahaka, the holy book of Gara-n.

始 (Si,The beginning)

First Tale

In the beginning there was nothing. There was no black, there was no white; there was no heat, there was no cold; there was no wind, yet there was not stillness; there was no comfort, and there was no discomfort. This is how the universe began. The being of nothing, and the being of all intermingled, and there was harmony. Then became N!ahasin (he), creating an imbalance in the universe. From this imbalance, this void, N!ahahahu (she) was created. The opposites attracted, and n!ahahahu pleased n!ahasin, careful not to destroy the separation between opposites. N!ahasin felt the pleasure of nearing unity, and from the semen, the suns and the stars and the moons were created. Compelled to keep the balance, they did this again, and then sprang forth the earths. This happened a third time, yet this time, the product enhanced the features of all that was created. The drops that landed on the earths became their features, the drops that landed on the suns, their heat. Tired, they rested. In this way, the universe was created, and allowed time to develop.

Second Tale

N!ahasin and N!ahahahu having rested, and having had time to think of unity, decided to try unity. N!ahasin entered N!ahahu, and in that moment they experienced the feeling of being one with both sides of the universe, with nirvana. N!ahahu became pregnant. And from this birth came twins, Marakoha (she), Sahocata. N!ahahu became pregnant again with twins, Urukubaho (he), Memetehu (she).

Third Tale

Marakoha, Saho|ata, Urukubaho, and Memetehu met and decided that is was time to create humans, so Memetehu dipped her finger from the water of the earth, and let the water drop back into the sea. From this action sprang fish Marakoha then dipped her fingers into the sea, and let the water drop upon the earth. From this sprang animals. Urukubaho, who insisted that he should outdo his sisters, took the drops of the sea in his fingers and threw them into the air, letting them fly. The drops soon turned into birds. Sahocata, who wanted to be the best of his siblings, mimicked his parents in the act of creation. However, he intended on doing this by himself. He then made well of himself,and from the products that fell upon the ground, grew the first humans humans. The first humans were, strong, tall, intelligent, could see far, and hear all. The animals fell easy pray to these humans. The four children became alarmed and decided that they had too much power and exterminated them. Then Sahocata drew water from the sea with his fingers, and molded it into the grounds. From the mud, humans appeared. These humans were dumb, blind, deaf, mute, and were not much of creations. These too, out of embarrassment, were exterminated. Then, N!ahasin took his products, and water from the sea, and mixed them into the dirt. From this came a man, who was molded in the image of N!ahasin named Adam.

Fourth Tale

Adam began to talk, and understood the language of God and his previous creations. He began to create tools to help him. In respect of N!ahasin, he covered his privates, as he knew he was nothing compared to God. Then, stupified with the excellence of the creation of his father, Sahocata took a rib from Adam, to ensure success, took his own products, and took water from the sea and molded it into the ground. From this, the first woman was created, Eve. Adam and Eve lived together, and from occasion made creations in the style of God, making babies. Sohocata took these babies, and placed them at different parts of the earth.

死 (Sehi, Death)

The Soul

N!ahahahu said to Adam:

A person is comprised of two elements: the body-mind, and the name. The name of a person is immortal as long as it is written, and carries part of the soul. If it is to be protected, it can be kept alive in two ways: speaking and writing. They both carry on the soul, and are important to keeping someone alive, and are equally as valid. Speech keeps the person alive in the mine, and writing keeps the person alive in the words.
The Body-Mind [soul] is also immortal. The person's forefathers shape the body-mind while it is in the womb of the mother, and it is further crafted by correct education. After death, the body-mind goes to the second life. 

The Second Life

N!ahasin said to Adam:

The second life is where the soul goes after death. If the person lived an overall good lifestyle, the soul will go to heaven. Here it will spend a year in joy, after its term is up, he will go back to the visible/primary world and take a new form. If the person lived an overall bad lifestyle, the soul will go to hell. The soul will spend 25 years here, in misery, and when the time has come, it will go back to the primary world.

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