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سلسلهٔ صفويان
Safavid Empire
Timeline: Contrast
Preceded by 1501–1736 Succeeded by
Timurid Timurid Empire Afghan 2 Hotaki Empire
Afsharid Dynasty Flag Afsharid Empire
Flag of the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire
Safavid Flag Lion and Sun (Pahlavi Dynasty)
Flag Emblem
(and largest city)
Language Persian
Religion Zoroastrianism

The Safavid Empire (Persian: سلسلهٔ صفويان‎), was one of the most significant ruling dynasties of Persia (modern Iran), and "is often considered the beginning of modern Persian history". They ruled one of the greatest Persian empires after the Muslim conquest of Persia and re-established Zoroastrianism as the official religion of their empire, marking one of the most important turning points in Persian history.