Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti
صدام حسين عبد المجيد التكريتي

Minister of Federal Defense

Chairman of Federal Commanding Council

In office:

17 December 1989 – 24 September 2008

Preceded by: Jakob Temritz
Succeeded by: Gen. Ibrahim Hassani
Born: April 28, 1937
Al-Awja, Iraq
Died: January 2, 2010 (aged 73)
Washington D. C., Green Zone

1st Brigade of Republican Guard

7th Tank Division


Field Marshall of Armed Forces

Political party: Ba'ath Party
Spouse: Sajida Talfah
Children: Seven
Religion: Atheist

Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti (born April 28, 1937, in al-Awja, Iraq, died January 2, 2010 in Washington D. C., Green Zone Military Commanding Staff Center), was Federal Field Marshall, top-ranked army officer, political hardliner, brilliant military strategist and tactician and specialist in armoured warfare.

Saddam was born in middle-class family. His father was doctor, his mother was construction engineer on Basra Rafinery. Saddam had three brothers and two sisters. Both sisters joined Ba'ath Party and became leading party politicians. Two of his brothers became enterprisers and one of them was even Muammar Gaddafi government economical advisor. Third brother became army officer and later, medical scientist.

Saddam graduated elementary school with great successes and in 14 years he went to Alexandrian Military Gymnasium, elite presitge military school established in 1310 by ayyubidan sultan Mutassim al-Ayyub. In 1956, he successfully ended AMG and joined Damascus Tank and Armoured Warfare Training School. He became staff sergeant and also joined training of Republican Guard Elite Tank Brigade. In 1962 he went with his 7th Tank Division, as captain and commander of 455th Tank Company, to Indian borders for first time. From 1964 to 1979 he served in 7th Tank Division and in 1980, he joined Republican Guard Political Military Academy and illegally joined Ba'ath Party, despite apolitical status of armed forces.

Ranks and place of services

1951 - Alexandrian Military Gymnasium, private.

1955 - corporal.

1956 - DTAWTS, staff sergeant.

1958 - Republican Elite Guard Tank Brigade, first lieutenant.

1962 - 7th Tank Division, Indian border patrols, captain.

1965 - commander of 1st Tank Battalion, 7th Tank Division, major.

1970 - lt. colonel.

1980 - RGPMA, colonel, political officer.

1987 - Brigadier General, commander of 7th Tank Division, Federal-Indian War.

1989 - Minister of Defense, Army General.

1995 - War in Mexico Gulf, commander of 9th Tank Army, leading attack on Havana, south Florida and Rio Grande area.

1999 - Supreme Marshall of Armed Forces.

Summer 2001 - commander of invasion forces to Eritrea, chief of occupation commanding council in Amsara.

Autumn 2001 - commander of invasion forces to Texas Christian Republic.

March 2003 - commander of 5th Army, commander of invasion to pro-terrorist North American Union.

2004 to 2007 - chief inspector of occupation administration and commander in chief of North American People Army.

2008 - replaced by moderate army general Ibrahim Hassani.

2009 - modernisation and reorganisation chief inspector.

2010 - inspections in Green Zone, killed during Neotemplars suicide bombing attack near occupation administrative HQ.

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