Breitenfeld and Luetzen Timeline
Battle of Breitenfeld
Battle of Luetzen
Battle of Tabor
Battle of Pisek
Sack of Vienna
Battle of Amsterdam
Battle of Luxembourg
Seige of Besançon
Battle of Cologne
Battle of Thuringia
Battle of Munich
Second Seige of Magdeburg

Following the Battle of Pisek, the armies of Wallenstein and Gustavus Adolphus moved swiftly to Vienna, the heartland of Habsburg power, and destroyed their Capitol, burning it and many of the surrounding villages to the ground.

The Sack

Following the pillaging of The Amalienburg Palace and the city's cathedrals, the Amalienburg Palace and most of Vienna was burned to the ground. Fire was set to every building, and with prevailing strong winds that day, very little survived the conflagration.


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