The Sack of Sparta

January 3rd 404 BCE


January 6th BCE




Athenian Victory; Spartan Attack fails; Athenians loot the city; End of the Peloponnesian War






Agis II


9,000 Hoplites 400 Archers

7,000 Spartan Hoplites

Casualties and Losses

5,000 Hoplites

1,200 Hoplites

The Sack of Sparta was the final military engagement of the Peloponnesian War. Led by an Athenian Army, the Delian League plundered through Spartan territory after the Peloponnesian defeat at the Battle of Aegospotami.


The Athenian General, Conon, after is glorious victory at sea near Aegospotami, devised a strategy he believed would knock Sparta out of the war for a final time. With complete dominance of the sea, the Athenian Navy Blockaded the Spartan City and its armies trapped in the Peloponnesian. Forced by starvation, the Spartan Army was unable to advance. Conon, then immediately responded and launched a campaign into Spartan territory. The Athenian Navy supplies the advancing force through the cold winter until it arrived at Sparta with little resistance. 

Led by Agis II of Sparta, the Elite Hoplites of Sparta sallied out of their walls to engage the Athenian Army, but Archers from all around the Delian League thrust back the Spartan advance. Amidst the retreat, Conon sent in the Athenian Force that achieved a breakthrough after several hours of fighting. 

On the Third of January, the Spartan forces disbanded and routed. Conon plundered the city and burned a quarter of the settlement. On the Sixth of January, the Athenian Army installed a puppet government of Sparta. This new "democracy," was very similar to Athens, though its constitution prohibited the Spartan people from violating the treaties signed at the end of the war. 

Aftermath and Treaty

With the war finally over, Spartan Officials and Athenian Generals discussed peace terms. All islands in the Aegean belonging to the Peloponnesian League were annexed to Athens, while a enormous portion of the Peninsula became individual puppets and "allies" to Athens. Many of these city-states eventually became annexed by the Athenian Empire. The Delian League also expanded to immense sizes, controlling the majority of southern Greece. 

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