Grand Duchy of Saxony-Franconia
Großherzogtum Sachsen-Franken
Timeline: Principia Moderni III Map Game
1656 - 1724
CapitalWürzburg and Wittenburg
Largest city Würzburg
Other cities Bamberg, Dresden
Official languages German (Bavaro-Austrian)
Regional Languages Franconian German, Saxon German
Ethnic groups  Germans
EstablishmentJuly 30, 1656
 -  Annexation into Bavaria August 3, 1724 
The Grand Duchy of Sachsen-Franken was a large vassal state in the Kingdom of Bavaria existing from 1656 to 1724. The Grand Duchy was formed upon the consolidation of the Grand Duchy of Greater Saxony with the smaller Duchy of Franken.

The Grand Duchy soon came under the personal rule of the Bavarian Kings, and was eventually incorporated into Bavaria proper in 1724.

Rulers of Sachsen-Franken

Bavarian Grand Dukes of Sachsen-Franken (1656 - 1724)

  • Grand Duchess Maria-Sofia I von Wittelsbach (1656 - 1659)
    • Johann-Maria von Habsburg-Wittelsbach
  • Grand Duke Albert I von Wittelsbach (1659 - 1665)
    • Henryka von Puttkamer
  • King Leopold I von Wittelsbach (1659 - 1686)
    • Klara von Eggenberg
    • Governor: Edmund of Bamberg
  • King Franz-Dominic I von Wittelsbach (1686 - 1706)
    • Klaudia von Werzctbrag
    • Governor: Edmund of Bamberg, Elena von Habsburg-Wittelsbach
  • King Charles I von Wittelsbach (1706 - 1724)
    • Wilhemina von Ingelijn
    • Governor: Elena von Habsburg-Wittelsbach, Heinrich von Shcroff