The SS coup of 1961 was a coup attempt against Reichsfuhrer Adolf Hitler by SS leader Heinrich Himmler, assisted by the mainline SS and the Caliphate of Arabia, led by Haj Amin al-Husseini. Himmler and al-Husseini both believed that cooperation with the Zheronians was a betrayal of Fascist principals.

The coup began when several SS-controlled ships of the Reich Space Force warped into Berlin in March 1961, beginning the monthlong Siege of Berlin, trapping Hitler in his private residence. Ships loyal to Hitler and ships loyal to Himmler battled in the skies of Berlin, sending the Reich into chaos.

However, Reich troops loyal to Hitler were able to sneak their way into Himmler's flagship, the Reichsraumschiff Herrenvolk, overwhelm the guards, and capture Himmler in the command room. The commando team made Himmler release a proclamation to the SS fleet to stand down, and then killed him. The rest of the members of the coup, including al-Husseini, were executed.

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