The SS (Schutzstaffel) is the Paramilitary arm of the Nazi party. The SS took over the Police Force (Kriminalpolizei, the Kripo) Schutzstaffel Flag

The SS was involved in several coup attempts as well as the German civil war.

Waffen SS

The Waffen SS (fighting SS) is the military arm of the SS, during the second world war, the Waffen SS fought everywhere, playing a vital role in many of the battles.


Troops of the Waffen SS (called the SS VT) were among the first to land during the invasion of England. Liebstandarte landed on the 3rd day of the campaign, fighting their way from Dover to Rochester, while Das Reich fought towards Southhampton.


The Waffen SS Committed many atrocities in the Russian Campaign.

the Nordland Civil War

Waffen SS troops were among the first to intervene in the Nordland civil war.

The German Civil war

End of the SS

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