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The glory of the revolution fills the leaders in charge of the new Socialist Republic of Germany. They join into an alliance with the Russians, and prepare to spread the revolution to other parts of Europe. Weapons are secretly shipped to communist guerrillas in Europe, so they can fight.

Rebellions begin in Spain, provoked by a coup attempt undertaken by the Spanish military. Civil war begins. However, the weapons of the Germans and Soviets are enough to turn the tide. The Republic succeeds in crushing the fascists. A but later, a socialist coup overthrows the democrats, and a communist Spain joins the alliance with Germany and the Soviet Union.

Alarmed, the democracies of Western Europe begin actively funding anti-communist elements across Europe. Guerrillas clash with government forces in Greece. The French and the British ally with the anti-communist Mussolini in Italy. War will come. The only question is how?

Finland proves to be the spark. The Soviets funded guerrillas there, in an attempt to secure their flank. The guerrillas were successful, but they could not totally subdue the loyalist forces, who fled into the countryside. The new government asked the Soviets to send troops there to help suppress the loyalists. However, the Western Democracies said that any deployment of Soviet troops into Finland would constitute an act of war. The Soviets called their bluff, and sent in troops. Only it wasn't a bluff. On June 7, 1940, the Allied Nations declared war on the Soviet Union. In return, Germany and Spain declared war on the Allies. How will the beginning of the war go?

Phony war: France sts behind her defenses while FInalnd falls

The Allies focus on Spain

Germany hits hard, and break the French defenses

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