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The SNES-CD is an add-on for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, released both in North America and Japan, and later, the British Dominions and the German Empire.


Later, Nintendo released a streamlined version of the SNES combined with an 8x CD drive, with another 2MB of RAM in 1995, extending the life of the SNES until 2001.



SNES CD-ROM (Philips CD-ROM XA) Technical Specifications

  • Co-CPU: 32-bit RISC
  • CPU speed: 21.477 MHz
  • RAM: 8 Mbit
  • Sub-memory: 2 Mbit
  • ROM: 2 Mbit
  • Cache: 8 Kbit
  • Access time: 0,7 sec
  • Video: Yes
  • Data transferring speed (between the SNES and the CD-ROM): 150 or 300 Kbit/sec
  • Colors: 16.7 million


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