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Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Социјалистичка Федеративна Република Југославија
Flag Emblem of SFR Yugoslavia.svg
Motto" Bratstvo i jedinstvo" (Serbo-Croatian)
"Brotherhood and unity"
AnthemHey, Slavs
Official languages Serbo-Croatian
Demonym Yugoslav
Government Titoist Single-party state
 -  General Secretary Miroslav Jovanović
 -  President Branko Kostić
 -  Prime Minister Josip Joška Broz
Legislature Parliament
 -  Flag of the State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs 29 October 1918 
 -  800px-Naval Ensign of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Kingdom of Yugoslavia 1 December 1918 
 -  Flag of SFR Yugoslavia SFRY 29 November 1943 
Currency Yugoslav dinar (дин.)
Drives on the right
Internet TLD .yu
Calling code +38


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