Students Against The War In England, most commonly referred to by its acronym SATWIE, was a student-organized protest movement in the early and mid 1950's in response to the draft for the war in England. Starting with the drafting of 100,000 American soldiers in the event of an escalation of hostilities in 1953 under Richard Russell, the movement eventually spread to various university campuses throughout the country, and helped raise a very strongly anti-war generation of students whose own children would see their examples in much more pronounced anti-war movements in the 1970's (in protest of the occupation of Ceylon) and the early 1980's (the anti-Brazilian War movement). The anti-war energy of SATWIE helped fuel the liberal, anti-war campaign of Thomas Sullivan in 1956, and sustained the Democratic opposition to both the Hoover and Van Dyke administrations in the 1960's and 1970's. Historians argue whether or not the young, left-wing student movement helped or damaged the Democratic Party, many concluding that it took a centrist, blue-collar Democrat like Adam Eisler to finally recapture the White House from Nationalist hands.

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