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Himmler, in rage over what he considers an American beachhead in his empire, orders the invasion of Panama and Mexico. The troops roll over the border into Panama, and the US army there, and the Panamanian army are forced to fall back on the Canal Zone. Eventually, despite hard fighting, the Americans are forced to surrender, but not before they destroy the San Miguel Lock of the Panama Canal. This makes it harder for SAFA to move their troops. A puppet government is set up in Panama,a fascist one thatjoins SAFA and goes to war with America.

At the same time, SAFA launches an offensive into Mexico.The Yucatan Peninsula rapidly falls, and SAFA forces advance into Mexico. The Battle of Mexico City ends in victory for SAFA, and they secure the southern part of the nation. The USA, with a large influx of troops, manages to hold onto Northern Mexico. the American public is shocked that Fascism has gotten so close to America. The economy booms as America builds up large armies to crush SAFA. But they need time, time the US may not have. What will happen next?

Major SAFA offensives into Northern Mexico

America coverty funds anti-fascist rebels in SAFA

Laspe into stalemate

Created by: Azecreth 15:37, September 9, 2011 (UTC)

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