SM Stirling 2

S. M. Stirling, Alternate History Author

Stephen Michael Stirling was an alternative history author born in Metz, in the Greater German Reich, in 1953. Early in life, Stirling showed a disdain for the policies of Adolf Hitler and Philippe Petain. In response to said policies, Stirling wrote the Reich without Providence series of alternate history novels, detailing a world without the Zheronians.

Stirling corresponded with several other dissident authors, such as the Jewish alternate history author from Pluto, Harry Turtledove, and the American authors Philip K. Dick and L. Sprague de Camp. Stirling also served as the inspiration for future authors writing against the Reich, such as John Birmingham.

Growing increasingly discomforted with the actions of Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph Göbbels, Stirling fled to the Martian city of Sanjurjo, a Spanish colony. Under Göbbels' orders, the Reichsraumschiff Reichsadler forcibly extradited Stirling, taking him back to earth. Stirling was never heard from again.

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