The Russo-Japanese War

8 February 1904


5 September 1905


Manchuria and Korea


Official recognition of the Russian Empire's control over Manchuria and the Japanese's control over Korea

Major battles:

Porth Arthur ♦ Yellow Sea ♦ Mukden Tsushima


Flag of Russia The Russian Empire
Bizantium Kingdom The Byzantine Kingdom

A World of Difference Flag of Japan
The Japanese Empire


Flag of Russia Tsar Nicholas II
Flag of Russia Aleksey Kuropatkin
Coat of Arms of the Byzantine Armed Forces (The Purple Mantle) Lykurgus Nanos

A World of Difference Flag of Japan Emperor Meiji
A World of Difference Flag of Japan Ōyama Iwao


Russian Army 500,000
Byzantine Army 45,000

Japanese Army 300,000

Casualties and Losses

The Russo-Japanese War (8 February 1904 – 5 September 1905) was an importan conflict in Asia, It grew out of rival imperial ambitions of the Russian Empire and the Empire of Japan over Manchuria and Korea.


Russia sought a warm water port on the Pacific Ocean, for their navy as well as for maritime trade. Vladivostok was only operational during the summer season, but Port Arthur would be operational all year. From the end of the First Sino-Japanese War and 1903, negotiations between Russia and Japan had proved impractical. Japan offered to recognize Russian dominance in Manchuria in exchange for recognition of Korea as a Japanese sphere of influence. Russia refused this, so Japan chose war to counter the Russian aggression in Asia.

The War

1904: After discussions broke down the Japanese Navy attacked the Russian eastern fleet at Port Arthur, a naval base in the Liaotung province leased to Russia by China, which led to war.

1905: The Japanese almost defeated the Russians in a series of battles on land and at sea, but the Byzantine Intervention changed the tide for the Russian side.


  • Manchuria is recognized as a Russian Port.
  • Korea is left inside the Japanese Influence area.
  • The City-port of Dalianos (Dàlían/Dalny) became an important Asian trading market for the Byzantines.

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