Map of Antarctica c.1830

Map of the colonial claims of Antarctica around the 1840s. Dutch Antarctica shown in red. Russian Antarctica in green.

The Russo-Boer War (Dutch: Russisch-Boer Oorlog; Russian: Русско-бурская война, Russko-burskaya voyna), also known as the Midnight Coast War (Полуночнобереговая война, Polunochnobyeryegovaya voyna), was a year long war fought between the Russian Empire and the Dutch settlers in the Midnight Coast. The war began when the Netherlands agreed to hand over control over their Antarctic claims to Russia, which the Dutch-speaking settlers (mostly Boers from the Cape Colony) refused to accept Russian rule. The Boers proclaimed an independent Republic of the Midnight Coast, which promoted Russian forces to quell the movement.

The war lasted a little more than a year, with the Russian Empire succeeding in taking control over the settlements. Many of the Russo-Cossack soldiers showed admiration for the Boers and helped establish a compromise to end the war. Rather than allow a wave of Russian settlers into the area, the Russian Empire encouraged non-Russian settlers into the area, thereby preserving the Dutch culture in the Midnight Coast. Template:Sutb

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