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Russo-Antarctic Nationalism (often known in Antarctica simply as Russian Nationalism; frequently shortened to RAN) is an ethnic, political and cultural movement supporting the rights of ethnic Russians in Antarctica. Supporters commonly campaign for political autonomy for Russians, and seek to create autonomous or semi-autonomous "Oblasts" for Russians in different regions of the continent. Alternatively, many other supporters have suggested that Bellinsgauzenia should annex all Russian-majority areas; thereby creating a single nation which would encompass all Antarctic Russians.

The RAN movement is made up of a very diverse political base, though all groups are united by a common support of ethnic Russian rights. The political alignments of its sub-groups range from Monarchism (Neo-White Movement) to Fascism (Russian Continental Army) to moderate Centrism (Gorchakovists)


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Antarctic countries by Russian population

# Country / Territory Russian Population Total Population  % Russian Former Russian Area?
1 Bellinsgauzenia 51 943 228 63 345 400 82 Yes1
2 New Devon 44 Yes2
3 Byrdia 265 419 698 473 38 Yes
4 Ognia 17 Yes2
5 Maudland 4 000 400 000 1 Yes2
6 New Swabia 3 No
7 Ross and Scott 19 No
8 New Vestfold 1 560 52 000 3 Yes2
9 Santiago 4 No3
10 South Pole 315 1 500 21 Yes
11 Eduarda <1 No
12 Balleny Islands <1 No
13 Kerguelen 35 150 000 <1 No
1 - Bellinsgauzenia is still considered a "Russian area".
2 - Only parts of this territory were once Russian-owned.
3 - Some areas of Santiago were briefly colonized by Russia, but never officially claimed.

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