The Russo-American War, also commonly known as the Global War or World War 3, lasted between August 20, 2006 to December 19, 2011. It is the most destructive war that ever happened on this planet, and led to the death between 123 million to 150 million people. Restoration is still happening throughout the world, and led to the Chinese Revolution and Great African War, which are still currently happening. This war was the most costly, costing five trillion US dollars for countries.

Prelude to War

Rising tensions between the U.S and Russia had begun to develop by early 2000. The United States had been developing for some time. Border conflicts between U.S and Russian soldiers in Warsaw had become common. After the bombing of the UN building In 1998 that killed President Clinton, many Americans accused the Russians for financing and arming the GAPO. Around the same time many Russians felt that America was financing resistance movements in the Middle East which was under joint- control between Russia and Iran.

Golan Heights Conflict

Israel, the only non-conquered country in the Middle East besides Turkey, discovered 10 Mi-24 under the control of Hamas, after a raid. It was learned that Iran had begun to supply Hamas with arms and vehicles after many other raids in East Palestine. It was discovered that Hamas was preparing for the day of liberation when using all of the arms bought from Iran will commit major terrorist and gas attacks on government and civilian areas. The Mossad also learned that Iran moved troops under the disguise of tourists to train the militants. The IDF moved into the Golan Heights, which was a center of Hamas' operations. The Golan Heights was a safe Haven for Terrorists who were living under a demilitarized zone between Russia and Iran to the East and Israel to the West. The only troops stationed were UN peacekeepers but most were corrupt. When the IDF moved into the Golan Heights a huge international crisis was created. Russia, which was unaware of the situation, thought that Israel was preparing to attack Russian forces. Thus the Czar ordered T90 and T95 tank divisions supported by Spetznaz troops moved into the area. They began to fire on the IDF and Russian Jets began to attack Jewish warships in the Mediterranean Sea. But After three days of fighting a cease fire was agreed in Paris and instead of UN peacekeepers both Russia and Israel will monitor the region.

The Military Coup

After the 2004 elections, John Kerry became the 45th president of the United States, after Al Gore. He was not very nationalistic and favored an United North America. He often disagreed with military officials, and called for a smaller military, which grew after the GAPO insurgency. During a stay at Camp David, military police arrested Kerry under General Patton. General Patton took Kerry to the Pentagon were it was decided that Kerry will become a figurehead and the country will be ruled by the NSC, so that they could make this country great again.

The Assassination Attempt of the Czar

The military, led by General Patton, believing it was time to turn the United States into the World Power it once was, decided that the only way to do that was to get Russia and her allies out of the picture. Thus, Operation Burning Torch was created to eliminate Czar Levi A. Galishkniov and his immediate chain of command. The plan was to send Seal Team 6 and the Delta Force to assassinate the Czar in the Red Square. While he was addressing a group of supporters, the Special Forces will sneak into the city with help from Chechen resistance, there they will go into a hotel a mile away from the Kremlin and using Russian made weapons (Draganov SVD with Silencer) to kill the president. Around this time a suicide bomber will go off near the Kremlin to add to the confusion. The team will immediately will Moscow and flee to the forest, were they would be extracted using Black Hawks. The military leaders at the Pentagon agreed to this plan and the operatives were sent into Moscow.

While the Team was sneaking into the city, one of the Chechen Terrorists was actually a FSB agent, where he immediately warned his superiors. Thus when the team was getting to kill the Czar, an FSB team broke into the hotel. The Czar was still shot in the leg but he was not killed. FSB director Vladimir Putin immediately warned the still-shakened Czar, that a suicide bomber was still in the city, but his warnings were too late.The suicide bomber walked into Moscow International Airport, due to the fact that was the plan B, and detonated the bomb killing 100 people and wounding 567 people.

Peace at Stake

With news of the terrorist attack on Russian soil, a huge international crisis exploded. Riots on the streets of most Russian cities with people burning the American flag. The Dow Jones tanked and raised fear of a new economic crisis. The Russian military stormed the American Embassy, to get as much information as they can on the situation. The UN called the removal of the United States from the Security Council and hard sanctions on it. An emergency peace summit was held in Geneva to calm the situation but ultimately failed.

The War has begun

US Marines stationed in Warsaw were suddenly attacked by Russian Ground Forces. Although they were stationed at high alert, they were caught off guard by the next- generation stealth techniques employed by the Russians. Colonel Hernandez immediately called his superiors in Berlin to warn about the crisis but it was clear that his situation was not uncommon. All across Eastern Europe, a major Russian offensive was pushing deep into Europe and would reach Germany within a matter of hours. In Asia, China ( a Coalition of Eurasia member) began to bomb cities in Taiwan and American Bases. North Korea ( a CEA member) began to overrun the DMZ, despite stiffening resistance. In the Middle East, Iran ordered entire T -72 tank divisions against Israel.

The Russian Invasion of the East Coast

The Russian High Command had been planning for a war against the United States for some time, but never had the will to do it. To put pressure on the U.S, Russia bought Greenland from Denmark and encouraged colonies and put Military Bases on the southern part of the Island. Also, Russia forced Norway to allow seaports to be built on their homeland to allow secure supply lines. When the attack on the Czar happened, the military was put on full alert. One million troops were moved to Greenland to prepare for an attack. The two parts of the plan were called Operation Spearhead and Operation Swordbreaker. Operation Spearhead called small EMPs to go off near the coast to destroy electronics. Around this time, Russian Spetznaz and Russian Airborne Troops were to attack military bases and communication centers. Then, Operation Swordbreaker would involve the main attack on all areas of the East Coast. When the attack actually happened, Spearhead went according to plan. Swordbreaker was much more difficult for the military. The U.S military was able to reorganize despite the lack of many vehicles.

The Battle of Washington D.C

Russian Ground Forces surrounded Washington from both sides and was then planned to go in and destroy all resistance. Russian Ground Forces began their assault at Midnight. Marines and Rangers were the primary protection in Washington and their commander had ordered the securing of Major buildings of the government to help the evacuated government officials and also called on the Rangers to destroy the Pentagon if it was to fall into the enemies hands. Russian T-90 tanks crossed the Potomac River at

Russian soldiers securing positions in Maryland near the Pentagon.

300px-Of Their Own Accord

US Marines attacking a secure Russian area

9:43 P.M with support from the Russian Navy. Russian Ground Forces' 31st Assault Division was to push from the south from Virgina to capture the Pentagon and use that as a base to captured the entire city. The Military Personnel and the US Marines had already prepared for the attack and set up barricades around the Pentagon to prevent vehicles to get close. At 10:06PM, two Russian SU-35Ms fired at the building allowing the 31st to enter the Pentagon. The 31st stormed the building but suffered major casualties. The US Marines also positioned SAM sites on the building to prevent further close air support. AT 10:59 PM the Marines had lost 90% of the building and planned to blow it using C4 explosives planted across the building. However, the 31st had noticed the explosives and brought jammers from the fleet, effectively forcing the Marines to have no choice but too surrender. The building was lost and the FSB brought computer engineers to hack into the U.S Digital infrastructure. The 31st also used the SAM sites against the U.S to prevent any counterattack. At 12:59PM the 31st crossed the city to relieve the pressure that the T-90s tanks had. VDV paratroopers were also dropped into the city and were ordered to capture strategic buildings. The US military inside the city was very very divided at this point due to EMP blasts and communications was based solely on verbal talking. The 31st Assault Division launched an assault on the Washington Monument and used it as a base of operations due to its strategic location. Civilians also caused much choas as they would loot and steal but also would run away in mass hordes of people. US Rangers and Marines were concentrated in three many building the White House, Lincoln Memorial, and the Capitol. VDV soldiers soldiers launched tried the attacks on the Capitol building but were unable to capture it. On the fourth attack they used four MI-24s as close air support eliminating any resistance. The Lincoln Memorial surrendered with mounting casualties on its side but a few soldiers were able to it the White House. At 4:01 the VDV and the 31st attacked and surrounded the White House and the area was secured by the Russians by 8:23. Although the President was not there and was already at NORAD, the FSB discovered many important Government documents and Intel. At 12:00PM the American Flag was lowered at the White House and the Russian Flag was lifted showing Washington D.C was now a Russian City.

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