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RRSD ( Russiches Reich Sender Deutsch) is the national state tv for the german minority of the Russian Empire, it broadcast the same programation than Russian First Channel but in german language, with the exception that it also broadcasts programmes that are more interesting for the German minority like the Bundesliga, DTM, Berlin Pokal, German Ice Hockey league, World Ice Hockey championships, and so on.

Here is the schedule of a normal day of programing:

  • 06:00: Nationalhymnen und Sendenstarten
  • 06:05: Erwache, Russland! (Get Up, Russia!)
  • 08:00: Morgentagesschau
  • 10:00: Alarm für Cobra 11
  • 11:30: Unsere Morgen
  • 14:00: Tagesschau
  • 15:00: Sport am Tag
  • 16:00: Wetter
  • 16:10: Aguila Roja (Red Eagle, Spanish TV Series set in the 17th Century)
  • 18:35: Realpolitik: Die Kommunisten und die Monarchie mit Mikhail Gorbatschów
  • 19:30: Tagabschluss (Nachtliches Tagesschau)
  • 21:00: Wetter
  • 21:30: In Diesem Tag: 1984
  • 22:00: Der Film: Harry Potter und die Heiligtummer des Todes Teil 2 ( Audio in Deutsch und Russisch, Schreibt(e) im Finnisch, Tschestschenisch, Polnisch, und Estnisch)
  • 1:00: Sendenabschluss und Nationalhymne.

The Channel is known for, just the night after the German Surrender in second world war, making its closedown playing the German national anthem with the Schwarz-Rot-Gold flag from the ruins of the Reichstag in Berlin, being that the first time that the first German modern flag was raised after the nazi dictatorship, which had a profound effect in the German People.

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