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Russian military intervention in Ukraine (Scotland says "Yes")
Part of the Ukrainian crisis and the War in Donbass
Timeline: Scotland says "Yes"

2014 Russo-ukrainian-conflict map
Russian military intervention in Ukraine (Scotland says "Yes")

Date 20 February 2014 – ongoing
Location • Ukraine (Crimean Peninsula, Donetsk Oblast, Luhansk Oblast and Kherson Oblast)

• Black Sea (Sea of Azov) • Russian Federation (Rostov Oblast)


Flag of RussiaRussia

Flag of CrimeaRepublic of Crimea

Flag of the Donetsk People's RepublicDonetsk People's Republic

Flag of the Lugansk People's RepublicLugansk People's Republic

Flag of UkraineUkraine

The Ukrainian Civil War refers to a conflict in the Ukraine, also referred to as the War in the Donbass.

The conflict arose in 2014 after unmarked Russian soldiers enterred Ukrainian territory, taking strategic territory, eventually annexing the Crimea, as well as parts of Eastern Ukraine

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