(Population at this time: Vladimir-Suzdal 16 million, Kiev-Chernigov 18 million, Novorossiya 5 million)

Since 1600: Novorossiya undergoes an amazing modernization process, introducing many advances imported from China. Except for Chinese arts and science, the changes also concern the life of the common man, like drinking tea, gambling with cards instead of dice, wearing clothes with a more Chinese style

1602: Grand Prince Pyotr of Vladimir crowned first Czar of Vladimir-Suzdal.

1604: Polish king Ludwik feels angered by the new Czar, wants to get rid of the Russian threat, starts a preventive war against Vladimir-Suzdal.

1609: Sharukan (OTL Charkov), capital of the Kipchaks / Kumans / Polovtser conquered by Kiev-Chernigov.

1610: Polish army destroyed in the battle of Kostroma.

1612: Peace of Thurau. Poland has to cede the former princedom of Smolensk to Vladimir.

1613: Chinese school of Yenisseisk expands so that everything concerning China is taught: Their language, their technologies, their culture, their strategy, their philosophy, everything. Some of this knowledge will filter to Old Russia, together with republican ideas (see below!).

1617-32: Novorussian War of Independence. When Kiev-Chernigov supports them, Vladimir has to accept that they leave. The republic of Novorossiya is founded. Capital becomes Yenisseisk.

(Population at this time: Vladimir 20 million, Kiev-Chernigov 22 million, Novorossiya 7.5 million)

1629: Novorossiya builds the first Russian dry dock at Patsifikskaya (OTL Vladivostok), with the help of Chinese artisans, paid by money earned with otter pelts sold to China.

1637: Novorossiyans found first settlement on Ezo (OTL Hokkaido).

1638: Novorossiya gives itself the first constitution.

1644: Novorossiya claims Alyeska.

1647: Novorossiyan republic makes a contract with the Hong empire to fight the people north of the Chinese Wall. The emperor sends them strategical, scientific and technical advisors.

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Earlier in time:

Russian lands 1550-1600

Russian lands


Later in time:

Russian lands 1650-1675

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