Since 1500: The conflict between Vladimir-Suzdal and Kiev-Chernigov continues to simmer. Trade between the two Russias is often hampered, conflicts several times lead to war (although neither country is strong enough to subdue the other one). Both nations build forts and later fortresses along their common border.

~1510: Settlements in Novorossiya as far as Yenissei river.

1512-17: Novgorodian War. Vladimir-Suzdal defeats the old competitor, annexes it. Many Novgorodians who miss their old freedom go to Novorossiya.

1516: Russian merchants find their way into Hong China. On their return they spread tales about Chunkvo (?????? - derived from Zhongguo), which even reach the court in Vladimir. Novorossiyan traders start to get rich on the trade with goods from China.

1518: Russians from Kiev-Chernigov who settled in the Kipchak lands east of Don have reached enough strength that they dare to stop paying taxes to the Muslim beys of the area.

1521: Novorussian (Siberian) merchant families officially are granted the right by the Grand Prince of Vladimir to trade with China.

1522: A Russian ship from Kholmogory (at the site of OTL Archangelsk) goes around Scandinavia and finds its way to Scotland. After some confusion, the Scots find a cleric who can speak Greek to translate. This leads to the start of direct British-Russian trade.

1526: Since the Great Occidental War interferes with British-Russian trade, the Dutch jump in, trade Russia all things they need.

1530: As stated earlier, Russian warriors in Kipchak lands expelled to Kiev-Chernigov by the Rum-Seljuks.

1533-35: Russians in the former princedom of Smolensk ask the Grand Prince for help against Poland. A war breaks out, but this time, the Poles can defend their old border.

1538-40: Clash with Choresmian troops and Mongol (and related) warriors. They ask the Grand Prince for help, which they don't get - which they won't forget.

1539: Dvoryans (Russian for "warriors" - TTL equivalent of Cossacks) in the Kipchak lands make an alliance with Kiev-Chernigov, plan a war against Muslims.

~1540: Settlements in Novorossiya at Lake Baikal.

1540-44: Kipchak lands east of the Don conquered, Russians proclaim the Dvoryan republic of Kipchakia.

1542: First Russian printing press (with Cyrillian letters).

1548: Peace of Orel; Kiev-Chernigov has to cede the county of Kursk.

~1550: Settlements in Novorossiya at Lena river.

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Earlier in time:

Russian lands 1450-1500

Russian lands


Later in time:

Russian lands 1550-1600

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