Since 1450: Various sects pop up in the Russian states, demanding various reforms in the church and a revival of Christian values.

Since 1460: The Russian population has recovered from the Black Death (due to a less densely settled population, a smaller part of the people died than in Western Europe). Peasants looking for land start to settle in neighboring areas: Those from Vladimir-Suzdal go to OTL Siberia (ITTL called Novorossiya, New Russia), those from Kiev and the South in general into OTL Ukraine (which is mostly settled by Kumans now; part of them are Muslims, parts are Catholic or Orthodox Christians, and even paganism hasn't completely died out yet).

1468: A delegation of merchants from Vladimir sends a delegation to the Grand Prince, asking him for help against the competing merchants from Novgorod.

1469-72: War between Vladimir and Novgorod. Novgorod loses the right to trade in the areas east of Volga and Kama - thus being cut off from Novorossiya now.

1470: Tobolsk at Tobol river founded.

1475: Bible translated into Russian by Semyon Michailovich Lomonossov in Ryazan. The religious tensions between Vladimir and the South break up again.

1480s: The "Judaizing" (Jews converted to Christianity now preaching their teachings. Since they're very skilled in theology, thanks to practising with the Talmud, they often defeat the illiterate orthodox popes in debates.) start to appear.

1483-89: Border war between Vladimir and Chernigov. Vladimir wins, keeps the Southern Russian states from expanding east of the Volga.

1490s: After the taxes rise in Old Russia, even more settlers go East and South. This leads to more and more conflicts with the Kumans in the Ukraine.

1500: Settlements in Novorossiya as far as Ob and Irtysh rivers.

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Earlier in time:

Russian lands 1400-1450

Russian lands


Later in time:

Russian lands 1500-1550

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