1300: Teutonic Order moves its headquarters from Venice to Marienburg at the Vistula.

1303-07: Serbian rebellion under Stepan Hrebeljanovic. At the end, Hungary has to give them independence. The new Serbia under czar Stepan also includes Bosnia.

1315: Teutonic Order decides to invade Russia.

1319: Young Serbia clashes with the Rum-Seljuks in Macedonia, but is defeated.

1320s: In Novgorod, the ushkuiniki (Russian river pirates) don't come into existence, since the stronger Vladimir-Suzdal is too deterring. Instead, the Novgorodians will start to explore Siberia, starting with the Ob river.

1322: Russian princedom of Polozk conquered by Teutonic Order. Parts of the population flee, first to Smolensk, later also to Novgorod, after Smolensk is unwilling / unable to help them. The former princedom is germanized through the centuries, since the Germans still quell to the East. City names in NE Russia like Novopolozk and Nishny Polozk will tell about their wanderings. The city of Polozk itself is later known under the name of Plotzeck.

1323: Serbia invades the crusader states of Epirus and Thessalia, but loses them a few years later again.

1328: Refugees from conquered Constantinople arrive in Russia, settle mostly in Kiev. The city suffers under the loss of trade with Byzantium (it wasn't much left after the resurrection of the Byzantine Empire), but gains importance as a cultural center, thanks to the influx of Byzantine scholars. Later, when a Kievan prince marries a Byzantine noblewoman, and founds schools and libraries to plead her, this will become even more apparent.

1334: Vladimir-Suzdal declares that the metropolitan of Vladimir is the highest authority for Orthodox Christianity. Not everyone agrees with them, though.

1348: Russian princedom of Turov-Pinsk conquered. Similar events: Part of the people flee, end up in Vladimir-Suzdal's sphere of influence, settle in the areas formerly inhabited by Volga Bulgars and Volga Hungarians. Turov becomes the German city of Thurau.

(I've left out various little wars among the princedoms, dynastic marriages, im- and deposing (including murder, sometimes) of princes, and border wars of Russian states with the Teutonic Order, Sweden, Kumans and Volga Bulgars again. Sorry for Western Eurocentrism.)

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