To make long things short: Russia stays disunited, although some centers of power are established: Novgorod reigns in the North and slowly starts to expand East; Vladimir-Suzdal controls the thrones of the East, Chernigov those of South-East. The western principalities are weaker, threatened by the Teutonic Order, the freshly united Poland, and the strong Hungary. And Kiev suffers since the trade with Byzantium is cut off until 1276. There are many little wars for control of the thrones, deposings of princes and coups - too many to mention.

1253: After being defeated by Aleksandr, the Volga Bulgars have to allow the Russians of Vladimir-Suzdal to go with their ships on the Volga without harassing them. This helps Vladimir's trade down to the Caspian Sea, with Choresm.

1257: Constantine Tikh I is elected new Czar of Bulgaria. After the difficult years after Ivan Asen II's death, he gives the country more stability.

1268: Prince Istvan of Hungary invades Bulgaria. Only the weakness of Byzantium and the crusader states, the Hungarian threat to Serbia and the fact that Hungary itself is close to be overextended prevents that Bulgaria is even worse off.

1270: A rebellion of peasants against the rich boyars in Novgorod.

Aleksandr (Nevsky) goes to Chernigov to fight against the Kumans under Baibars, who became more powerful recently.

1274: Hungary occupies Serbia.

1277: No revolt of Ivailo the swineherd in Bulgaria, Constantine Tikh I continues to reign.

1280s: Kumans in Romania cross the Danube, conquer the Karvuna (OTL Dobruja) for themselves, threaten Bulgaria.

1280: After Constantine Tikh I's death, Macedonia becomes independent. In the following decades, the states of Epirus, Byzantium and Bulgaria will compete for this area. Michael Asen II becomes new Bulgarian czar.

1282: Belgrad not conquered by Serbia.

1283: Vladimir-Suzdal finally overwhelms Ryazan, its old challenger.

1284: Stefan Uroš II Milutin of the former Serbian Nemanjić dynasty rebels against the Hungarians. Fightings go on for several years, but at the end, the Hungarians are stronger.

1293: Poland attacks Halicz-Volhyn, taking about one third of the latter's territory.

1295: After the death of Aleksandr, the Russians found the city of Aleksandrskoye at the Volga, at the site of OTL Kazan, also to control the Volga trade better.

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Earlier in time:

Russian lands 1200-1250

Russian lands


Later in time:

Russian lands 1300-1350

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