Russian Uprising
Russian Revolution of 1917
Bolshevik forces marching on Red Square.
Date November 1917 - January 1919
Location Russian Empire
Red flag Bolsheviks Flag of Russia Russian Empire

Supported by:
State Flag of Serbia (1882-1918) Serbia

Flag of Finland 1918 (state) Finland

Flag of Poland Polish rebels
Supported by:
Flag of the German Empire Germany
Baltic German Landeswehr

Commanders and leaders
Red flag Vladimir Lenin

Red flag Leon Trotsky

Flag of Russia Nicholas II

The Russian Uprising (Russian: Русское Восстание; Russkoe Vosstanie) was a conflict centered in the Russian Empire that started in 1918. The war was between the Russian Empire against Polish, Finnish, and other nationalist rebels as well as the communist Bolshevik party. The uprising also involved small peasant revolts, usually outside Moscow.

The uprising lasted for more than a year, and resulted in the independence of Poland and Finland. It resulted in the dissolution of most Communist parties in the Empire, and further damage for the reputation of Tsar Nicholas II. The conflict is noteworthy for being the catalyst for the future Russian Reforms brought on as a result of further protests calling for change in the Empire.