All right, this timeline is about something that could have happened and would have changed the world forever.

August 14th, 1975 - It's the middle of the Cold War. The United States had found four Soviet spies lurking in Boston, MA. At the same time, the Soviet Union has also found American spies gathering intel in Moscow, Russia. The location is the Brooklyn Bridge. A spy swap is taking place over the bridge. Gerald Rudolph Ford, our president at the time, has decided to attend the proceedings with a troop of armed and trained marines. As the the spies cross the halfway point, Ford is taken out by extremist snipers,in Soviet colors. Less than ten seconds later, the middle of the bridge explodes. Killing everyone,except Henry K. Junior, a single marine. This Marine saw the snipers.

August 15th, 1975 - Nelson Rockefeller becomes president.

August 16th, 1975 - Besides repeated pleading from the USSR, America still thinks the Soviets were responsible. Henry K. Junior leads rallies across the nation to destroy the Soviet Union. The two blocs prepare for all-out war as diplomats try to find a solution.

August 18th, 1975 - President Rockefeller launches five Nuclear missiles, finding their destination all of over the USSR. The USSR launches over 400 missiles in response, destroying all of their targets in the USA.

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