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The World War, British Civil War

Russian Revolutionary Wars




  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • North America

First Red War (1935)

  • Russian victory; Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania absorbed by the Russian Republic

Second Red War (1935 - 1938)

  • Russian victory; Finland absorbed by the Russian Republic

Third Red War (1939 - 1940)

  • Russian victory; Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and eastern Poland absorbed by the Russian Republic

Fourth Red War (1940 - 1942)

  • Russian victory; eastern Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia absorbed by the Russian Republic

Fifth Red War (1942 - 1946)

Sixth Red War (1946 -1949)

  • Russian defeat; Austria, northern Italy, Greece, and Yugoslavia restored
  • Japan occupies eastern China and absorbs its northeastern territory
  • Start of the Cold War

Upside-down Romanov Flag Russian Republic and allies:

US flag 24 stars United States (1942 - 1949)

National Socialist Alliance:

Flag of the German Reich (1935–1945) Germany
Flag of the United Kingdom Great Britain
Flag of Spain Spain
Naval Ensign of Japan Japan
Confederate Rebel Flag Confederate States and allies:

  • Flag of Estonia Estonia (1935)
  • Flag of Latvia Latvia (1935)
  • Flag of Lithuania Lithuania (1935)
  • Flag of Finland Finland (1935 - 1938)
  • Flag of Hungary Hungary (1938 - 1940)
  • Flag of SFR Yugoslavia Yugoslavia (1940 - 1942)
  • Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria (1940)
  • Flag of Romania Romania (1939)
  • Flag of Greece Greece (1942 - 1945)
  • Flag of Austria Austria (1944)

Upside-down Romanov Flag Leon Trotsky
US flag 24 stars Franklin D. Roosevelt

Flag of the German Reich (1935–1945) Adolf Hitler
Flag of Spain Francisco Franco
Flag of the United Kingdom Oswald Mosley
Confederate Rebel Flag Virgil Effinger


Upside-down Romanov Flag 19 million total
US flag 24 stars 8 million total
Total: 27 million

Flag of the German Reich (1935–1945) 23 million total
Flag of Spain 800,000
Flag of the United Kingdom 4 million total
Confederate Rebel Flag 7 million total
Total: 34.8 million

Casualties and Losses

24 million (including civilians)

9 million (including civilians)

The Russian Revolutionary Wars were a series of large scale military conflicts lasting from 1935 to 1949 that occurred as a direct result of the Russian Revolution in 1917. The wars were fought between the Russian Republic and various other European and Asian countries. The conflicts coincide with the World War and were a major part of that war, resulting in several of the campaigns that occurred in it. The scale of these wars started out small, with only a few countries involved, but soon engulfed nearly a third of the world as the Russians aimed to spread communist ideals across the world with the help of the then-communist United States. The wars were also aimed to contain national socialism before it could become more powerful than communism and the revolution would fail. After over a decade of very aggressive military policy and nearly perpetual warfare, the Russians had succeeded in silencing a number of national socialist governments and conquered a significant amount of territory, as well as spreading communism as far west west as Spain, south as China, and east as Brazil, although not always through direct warfare and conquest.

The wars began due to Leon Trotsky, the Russian President's, belief that a perfect communist world could be achieved through "permanent revolution and warfare." With the solid backing of the Russian people, he kicked off the World War and Russian Revolutionary Wars with the invasion of the Baltic states and Finland in 1935.

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