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Soviet Premier, Comrade Leon Trotsky

In 1924 Leon Trotsky, with the support of the Politburo, arrested Joseph Stalin and executed him. Stalin's growing power and influence assured Trotsky and his supporters that they were to act quickly before Stalin was to make any such move against them hence removing them from power. Now with Stalin out of the way Leon Trotsky assumed the role as the Soviet Premier and socialist dictator. He used his time wisely to begin a massive revolutionary model army to wage a continental war in order to liberate all of Europe from Imperialism and hypocritical Democracy with pure Marxism, which would ensure freedom for the workers, education, healthcare and equality for all. Instead of using Stalin's one-state ideals and isolationist policies, believing that only through World Revolution and armed force could inspire the masses to rise up against their oppressive, imperialistic regimes then could only World Communism takeover the world.

The Great War

The defeat of the Central Powers ensured the destruction of Imperial Germany, the Austrian Empire and its allies. However these powers clearly did not concentrate on the new Communist threat in the East, allowing Germany to keep 10, 000 men may have been the plausible thing to do but, of course, it was no match for men power of Russia. But to Russian advantage many believed mother Russia was now rumpted nation and needed expanding to spread the ideals of the revolution.

Military build-up

As soon as he consolidated power Leon Trotsky ordered a massive build up of the revolutionary armed forces in 1924, which was completed finally in 1929. The Red army was ready to go to war at anytime, it had a full strength of millions, Leon benefited greatly out of the Soviet Union's endless pool of man power, taking advantage of it and by 1930 it had 2.5 men fighting in the Red Army. The building of tanks, trains, airplanes, armour hadn't been done since World War 1 and was, in fact, a rebuilding of the entire Russian military force. His aim was to bring the Soviet Union not only in league with the modern world but to make it a complete superpower, ready to face Europe and even the United States. His globalized vision was to see the flag of Mother Russia over Berlin, Paris, London and even Washington DC. Where the Tsar had failed he would succeed in restoring Russia to complete power and domination.

Patriotism and Propaganda

The Soviet government played at the momentum of the Russian people in order to distract them from what was going on behind closed doors. They turned to propaganda of the army and politicians, as well as anti-European sentiments. Premier Trotsky himself made continuous speeches about how the time had come to liberate Europe from Imperialism and oppression. Radios and newspapers were all filled up with military propaganda to fill the Soviet people with pride and ethics.


Trotsky first looked at Asia before he ever went onto Eastern Europe, his main target was rural China, which was the Japanese were, in fact, exploiting. Its natural resources and man power made it an invaluable nation for the USSR to assimilate under the banner of Communism. After two months of confused fighting in the Kazakh region and the Mongolian border, the USSR annexed Mongolia. The fighting alerted the Republic of China and the Chiang Kai-Shek
Communists enter Beijing (1949)

China the world's largest populous, reduced to a puppet.

dispatched the NRA along the borders. War broke out when fighting on the border lines took place, Trotsky exclaimed it was a blatant act of war and issued a general invasion of Northern China, the Red Army swept through of Xinjang and Inner Mongolia defeating the Chinese 6th and 12th armies easily. This alarmed the president and too add to things the Communists of China revolted, Mao and his forces seized control of several Southern provinces. With revolt and invasion the Republic had no choice but to surrender, Mao was installed as a puppet of the USSR and Trotsky annexed the entire Xinjang province for the Soviet Union.

Soviet Assault

The Red Army crossed the Polish-Russian border storming through with 3 large infantry divisions as well as four massive tank divisions, the Poles who absolutely had little chance to challenge the Russian army had been flanked and the Red army purged through Poland defeating two large armies, and within two days had assaulted and captured the capital city Warsaw, the rest of the Polish army lost the will to fight. However guerrilla resistance continued to pop up.

Formation of the European Alliance

The invasion stunned everyone especially Germany, Britain and France who did assume that war could be waged in Europe so quickly after the Great War, considering the state of the global economy. An emergency meeting was held in London discussing the alarming situation, a formation of an alliance needed to be made, tying military and economic power together. The military of the EA was extremely limited compared to the mass Russian manpower nevertheless they were able to form a strong army of over three million. The members of the EA were as follows....

United Kingdom














The rest of the European nations were neutral and declined membership to the EA, the EA had little time to mobilise strong united fronts and armies, therefore many armies acted as there own nations soldiers. Namely Germany, France and Britain. This actually proved to be a disaster for the allies due, Russia able to manipulate French-German hostilities as well as classic British-French hostilities. The EA maintained a healthy relationship with the United States however Congress refused to allow the President to intervene in another War in Europe especially with the depression full on ahead.

The Iron Curtain Project

Trotsky set up the Polish Socialist Republic, a puppet pro-Soviet, pro-Communist regime in the place of the former government. Immediately Poles were sent into labour and the army to fight for the Marxist cause.

Invasion of Finland

Trotsky sent the Soviet 3rd army into Southern Finland hoping to disarray the Finnish into surrendering due to facing ten to one, however the Finnish army successfully held off the Russian troops and expected to push them back over the border however they did not intend for another Russian army to invade the North, cutting them in two. The battle for Helsinki prove to be one of the bloodiest battles of the war, 40,000 Finnish troops were slaughtered and much of the city razed to the ground by the Soviet army.

American Aid

President Hoover wished to send aid and even military relief to the EA however Congress repeatedly turned this down giving into an isolationist policy and not intervening in a Second World War, deeming it totally not within interests of the United States government nor its citizens. However they eventually gave into sending special forces and also one expeditionary force along with Canadian troops to the European Front in 1932.

Push into Central Europe (1931)

The Red Army had successfully defeated and pushed through all EA resistance killing 850,000 troops and thousands of civilians as well as dealing with guerrilla resistance in Poland and Finland. The Allied forces in Germany now planned to actually halt the entire Russian army with a decisive hold of Berlin.

Soviet Occupation

The countries occupied under Soviet rule were now put under harsh conditions, forced to work and brainwashed in Communist ideology. Those who the Soviet authorities deemed too dangerous politically and militarily were sent to "re-education camps". Within occupied lands guerrilla groups had already popped up, resisting the communists although sometimes at a very high price.

Invasion of Germany

By winter of 1931 the Red Army had pushed deep into East Prussia and were making the final stages for a push into Berlin. It was vital for Soviet propaganda purposes for the Red Army to capture Berlin before Trotsky's birthday.

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