In 1916 the war in Europe was coming to a close with fighting at Verdun and the Somme in mid 1916 and Minsk in late 1916. The Russians eventually signed a final peace on Christmas day with the Germans which imposed humiliating terms and conditions on the Russians which took away large bounds of ground and forced them to pay reparations. To pay for reparations the Tsar was forced time and time again to try to find more money normally by taxing peasants.

During the run up to a ceasefire between the Russians and the Germans they had already had the September bread riots in which due to the number of soldiers at the front not enough harvest had come in at harvest and the price of bread sky rocketed and so in Moscow bread riots occurred. Tsar Nicholas was forced to start negotiations with Germany or lose control over his country.

This was also an unpopular action as they had to take a very embarrass treaty, as the winter is harsh and many starve content against the regime grows.

It is eventually on 13th February 1917 that after the Tsar is forced to raise taxes again on workers to pay the Germans, many of the workers strike in Moscow. This causes a sudden cascade of protests with the Tsar refusing to back down and Moscow on strike. On the 16th February after the Tsar makes an appearance in Moscow asking people to return to work, a soldier gets nervous and opens fire killing a women this causes a stampede with many soldiers defending the Tsar refusing to shoot. The Tsar is killed along with hundreds of protesters as he is torn apart.

With the population now unsure of where to go next they proceed to elect Alexander Kerensky and Georgy Lvov as leaders of their mob. The mob then disperses with rioting and looting set in as well as major government buildings burnt. As news spreads to other parts of Russia lawlessness breaks out alongside the main fighting in Moscow. It is only after the imperial army swears allegiance to the new impromptu government that the situation is resolved and a new government is formed.

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